Wonderful women's clothes in Plymouth

Peardrops Jewellery and Accessories in Plymouth has got all the women's clothes you need to ensure you’re taking your style game to new heights. 

True style never dies

From traditional tunics to light linen clothes, our designs mix comfort and style with utter ease. Revamp your wardrobe with fresh fabrics straight from Peardrops Jewellery and Accessories in Plymouth. Whether it’s some artisan embroidery for a subtle feminine kick or keeping it grunge with ripped detailing and neutral tones, we have got it all and more. From everyday looks to maximum-mileage outfits, you are guaranteed to look good with our wide range of women's clothes. Get browsing here today and get looking great! 
Red top

The fabric of our lives

  •   In summer, we get a collection of linen clothes that are made in Italy 
  • In winter, we have clothes such as knitted jumpers and ponchos
  • We stock the ‘Purplish’ range 
  • Most of the clothes are made in Italy
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